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Problems with the American education system

Education – lifelong experience

All citizens of the world, young or old, have a natural right to determine their destiny! Lifelong learning plays a major role in the definition and maintenance of fate.

I think you agree that today's education system needs work, at least the least. So many children will continue without leaving the basic skills necessary for survival. We need to do more of our future – our children; and reconsider our present – you and me. I remember a couple of years ago that they had registered for several classes at a local community dormitory. During this I had to complete a compulsory placement (English, math, etc.). When the test results came back, I remember the instructor that "… he had to go to school when he really taught the kids".

Although this remark was a real ego-reminder, we were sadly commenting on our education system. Many doctrines are "tests" … Life is not a test – It's real. You can not test it!

Knowledge is now widening at an evil pace. Today, we all live in an extremely hectic life. I agree that it is certainly difficult to keep up with everything that pays great attention to our busy lives. Individually, we have to find a way to expand this knowledge into our lives, in small pieces or in pieces, or in large pieces – whatever works for you.

For example, I attend many on-line classes, a wide range of subjects. This means I'm learning at home – it is important to me because of limited mobility. Some sessions can be downloaded for later viewing. It's just a way to enjoy learning experiences.

Learning should not consider it, especially if education is really a 24/7/365 experience.

And our children need to be involved. We can not only "exploit" them in a building for six hours a day, five days a week, and expect them to learn the ways of the world. Classroom learning is certainly high value and absolutely necessary. But this is what you teach outside the environmental science that teaches the real hours of life.

As a teacher, they are all formal – in the classroom and the informal (you and me) in the outside environment of the child, the curiosity is always to learn more and teach them to satisfy this curiosity. ( )

We are a species with a built-in thirst for knowledge. Finding what the next great adventure the Universe designed for us, as individuals or as part of a group, is a natural desire. Of course, our knowledge base will not cease to expand.

We think, thinkers – at least some time – that forces us to discover and learn. These attributes should continue in future generations as well.

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