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Payment Range and Benefits in Education Administration

Educational administration and supervision are usually offered at the master or doctor level. It is considered as a low degree that allows both university and practical knowledge to be related to public and school management issues.

In addition to this, as a trained, educated manager, you can be a career as an educational leader of a public and private institution or you can enjoy your position as a principal, mid-level administrator, assistant boss, tutor and superintendent. Today, the management of education can take advantage of the challenges but still offers great rewards, working conditions and the best payout range that can not be compared to any other profession.

Choosing a career in education management does not mean that you have to live economically. The profession is one of the most demanding jobs in the United States and you can afford to have a decent salary. In fact, according to a recent analysis by the United States Labor Statistics Office, the average annual salary of general and high school administrators was a very comfortable $ 77,740. The statistics reflected a $ 67.735 payment range paid to general primary accountants, while the average salary of high school students could reach $ 92,965. In addition, administrators of kindergarten and child care centers can earn an average of $ 35,700 per year. Additionally, according to a recent study by the College and the Human Resource Association, the annual median of selected higher education administrators is as follows:

College Leadership – $ 140,595

Academic Deans:

  • Business- $ 135,080
  • Graduate Programs- $ 120,120
  • Arts and Science- $ 121,942
  • Education- $ 117,400
  • Occupational Studies / Volunteer Education- $ 83,000

19659002] Nevertheless, it is important to note that the education administrator's salary also includes many other factors including the location and enrollment level of the school or school district. Enjoy the profession of education management and enjoy the situation that is accompanied by generous supply packages. Most generous benefits include comprehensive health and pension funds as well as four to six weeks vacation and performance bonuses. In fact, many universities and colleges also offer tuition exemption for workers and their families.

Over the next few years, the average growth of employment opportunities for educational administrators is expected. Opportunities may vary widely in the country's regions, but in the United States over the next few years, the increase in job opportunities and the proportion of education administrators is expected to increase.

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