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Overview of "Education and the Importance of Life" – J. Krishnamoorthi

J. Krishnamoorthi "The Importance of Education and Life" is a book for those who are committed to understanding the importance and importance of life. In this book, J.K. supports lifelong learning, leads to a more liberal, practical and efficient life.

Krishnamoorthi acknowledges the importance of knowledge and efficiency, but does not keep the secret of concern that excessive emphasis can only cause conflicts and confusion. Jiddu Krishnamoorthi questions the relationship between comfort and security with education as the public perceives and also points out that it is impossible to implement independent thinking with such traditional education. Emphasizing the importance of learning to be compassionate, to be less satisfied and to strive for the highest, J.K. you feel that only this path can lead to the true salvation of mankind. According to J. K., education is not just about accumulating the information and knowledge of the books, but the understanding of ourselves as we are all within. Peace and happiness for men, J.K. he says that he can only come to the self-consciousness that brings about the change of heart, good will, and inner transformation.

The master feels that only brilliant engineers, luminous scientists, experienced executives, competent workers, etc., the world peace. J. K. feels that education must eliminate hostility and hatred among people and help each person discover their own psychological barriers and not just new behaviors and new thinking models for the learner

. that teachers and parents correctly learn to deliver pure knowledge to the disciples. Silence as creativity and the enjoyment of beauty is strongly supported by J.K.

. Education must be "a process of conversion of life" according to this great spiritual soul. There is no doubt that this book and master will ever reside in the human spirit and transform the highest practical wisdom

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