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My story – "Why I became a teacher"

Imagine the year 1964; you enter the sixth grade. Though it's a nice day, everybody in your body will find that something else is on the opening day of school. Your parents are not prepared for that. The air is so thick that it can hardly breathe. As you look around, you see clearly that for the first time after school, some students are African Americans. See, my sixth year was the first year in segregation at the Marion County Schools. The Lebanese Element goes through the changes that our country has undergone. History was right in front of me.

In order to make things worse, I have to tell you I was not a big audience. I entered the sixth grade and, for the sake of life, I could not tell how they had gone through the first five years. You see, we were five in my family and I was the oldest. I did not have older brothers to drive the road and give me a clue why I was in school. My twin brother and I were unprepared for sending me to school and I can tell you that after five years of school I did not even know why I was here. But I knew they were falling deeper. Fortunately, I guessed this reading thing. I understood well and led me to places I have never been before.

I still remember getting the first place in the first line. It was scary because I did anything, the rest of the class would surely see me. But I had to turn to see what really happened in the classroom. My teacher's name was Ms. Kessler. It was like the eldest woman I've ever seen. The only thing that was bluish was the piercing eyes of her hair. Although it is easy for me to like it because of today's conditions, I was just sorry about that day. I knew this would be a tough year and I will not enjoy anything.

But every day I noticed that Ms. Kessler had spent more and more time on the students' desk. He even spent the time at the table. It was very strict and very decisive, but it was time spent individually with individuals. Obviously, he was very serious about our scientific results.

I will never forget the note on my first reporting page. – Do you really think about your learning? In my report page that the whole world can see, I had a serious question that Ms. Kessler had time to write. Now I knew that the only way to answer Ms. Kessler was with my actions. She heard every excuse she was kind to.

But to tell the truth, I was so unprepared that there would not be a nightmare. On my next reporting page, he wrote, "Did you think about learning?" Frankly, thought never came to my mind. Five kids at home and both of my parents worked full time and had no pressure to do anything, just clean my room. I took Kessler's words seriously. I took my studies seriously seriously and started studying at home. Even my brothers and sisters started teaching because I did not want them to leave.


Ms. Kessler immediately noticed the change. She actually wrote beautiful notes on the papers. I almost got her smile one day. She looked at her with a special eye, the moment of approval. Everything is not perfect now. Finally I was a 6th grade boy. I remember one day as to what the dispute was about, and he said to me, "What do you think you are, a New York attorney?" From the strength of her voice, I knew I did not have to answer this question, but I remembered. And from that day on, I knew I wanted to do that to think of others.

It's been a long time since my sixth year, and now I'm in touch with this task: Show what you're doing with the biggest contributions and results in education.

With thirty two years of experience, nothing has changed. My biggest contribution is simple. I could talk to you about regional, state and state tournaments in wrestling. I was able to tell what effect I had personally on each of them. I could tell the awesome speech and the dramatic students that I was happy to teach and train. But he always comes back to the truth. The truth is that my biggest contribution was in the classroom. God is blessed with the most excellent gift. I have the gift to treat people individually. I really care about teaching some students. Every student is special to me and deserves full devotion and attention. My best bet is to find out where they are and bring them to a higher level of understanding. My best contribution is to think.

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