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Moving to San Diego? She is the secretary of free continuous education

Have you moved to San Diego and want to know one of the most memorable secrets?

If you move to San Diego, you have many wonderful surprises to find out about the city. Most people know the beautiful beaches, the perfect 70 degree weather and the exciting nightlife that the Gaslamp District offers. However, most people are unaware of the wonderful training program sponsored by the city, which is ideal for those who want to learn, gain new jobs or increase their skills in their current work.

Are you ready for the good news? The city of San Diego has 8 different campus venues where residents can advatage continuous classes for free. That's right, free. The idea inherent in the program is that if the city's inhabitants learn new skills, they will be able to promote their work, hire new jobs or hire a higher paid job as a result of training. All of these scenarios increase city tax revenue.

One of the most respected secrets to moving to San Diego is that California residents will be able to take advantage of free training programs at one of the 8 sites.

With California's unemployment rate, the highest level of time, the re-training of the workforce is thought by many. Rewarding a new job or acquiring new skills in the event of a dismissal is a wise council. Continuous education programs exist from workplace retraining, computer skills, or the development of new skills.

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Happy Training!

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