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Modern Education

In the 21st century, the spread, embedding and development of knowledge is at the heart of modern life. This means that education is fundamentally important and focuses on the development of society. The process and the methods inherent in it will be significantly reduced with the development of society and the realization of its potential. Ultimately, this depends on the extent to which the participants in the education system develop. Refining their talents, acquiring skills and respecting a person's holistic respect is a hallmark of an advanced society. We can also argue that the great civilizations and cultures of the past are affected to the same extent.

The XXI. In the century, educators and educational institutions teach new and more effective tools for members of society. Social planning can be a viable method. The usual aspect of responding to human behavior and tendencies is that individuals are forced to carry out acts or pursue goals that are not necessarily his, but they can be good too. This is the case when brilliant students do not want to choose a path that maximizes their potential, which can be exploited to overcome that person. Obviously, this is a form of manipulation, but in many ways, education is generally of the same nature.

The cornerstone of social design is to provide a reasonable amount of insight into people, psychology, behavior, and tendencies to guide individuals to carry out certain activities or to some thoughts. Both can serve purposes only for the person using the method but not the subject. In addition, he motivated in the same sense or with personal interest, but unknown, that it is in line with other interests as well. This can be the center of a complicated teaching method. The level of application of this technique is limitless. Generally, however, it will be enormous as this would affect the students at the level of their own consciousness.

This is important because the current culture and the social environment are drowned by students. They exist in realms that are disruptive and have forces that compete for their attention and participation. Obvious external methods of involving them in the knowledge and learning them in the same way are no longer the same success as in the past. Modern education must respond to changes in the status quo. This is the answer to social planning. If you directly enter the student's consciousness and encourage him to learn a particular case or special knowledge, he or she disallows external distractions. That means he can learn more and become more educated. Disturbances still exist, but their appeal is diluted, and the interests of students implicitly point to more constructive and educational means. This outlines the place and value of social science in modern education.

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