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Learn a fast growing career in Singapore

Singapore is a desirable learning destination for students, enabling them to get the best possible education for their future career opportunities. There are three categories of educational institutions in Singapore:

  • Statutes of the Government of Singapore : These institutions operate under the laws of the government of the country.
  • Autonomous institutions: they are governed by the company law.
  • Private Educational Institutions: They are also governed by the Company Laws but are registered with the Private Education Council.

This country is one of the best universities in the world, the Nanyang University of Technology and the Singapore National University. These universities are ranked high in QS universe rankings in the years 2016-2017, 13 and 12. As for the QS University rankings for Asia 2016-2017, these universities are ranked high in 3rd and 1st place.

The desirable location for IT learning in Singapore is the Nanyang University of Technology, which is ranked among the top 10 in the field of engineering and technology. Has a good ranking in the field of construction

The Singapore National University is also a well-deserved place for IT studies in Singapore. He has ranked 3rd in the world for structural and civil engineering topics. He has been ranked fourth in engineering and technology worldwide for his excellent professional skills.

There is a very sophisticated living environment in the country with minimal crimes. So it provides a peaceful environment for students to continue their studies.

In addition to engineering, Nanyang University of Technology offers courses in various subjects, such as accounting and business, communication studies, humanities, medicine, science, education, and sports. science etc. The University also offers postgraduate studies on a variety of topics, such as chemical industry, biomedical engineering, electronic engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, construction, etc. special criteria, internationalization, employability, facilities, innovation and inclusion. The university ranks the under-50s in the under-50s.

The number of international students enrolled at the university is very high. There are currently 32,705 local students. The number of students who belong to this university is 47% for postgraduate education and the rest for undergraduate education. The University earned 100 points in QS World University rankings as far as the number of tenant employers here and its academic reputation.

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