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Is education and success related?

Undoubtedly, a good, quality early education is the foundation of a successful society. In addition to school education, many successful people questioned those who had already left the college or started successful businesses early.

Some of our most successful people do not have a university degree, namely Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Others like Virgin's founder, Richard Branson, have left the College and become one of the most successful businessmen in the UK. Facebook users are aware that business founder Mark Zuckerberg resigned from Harvard and focused on creating one of today's most successful global on-line community sites.

Higher education in today's world requires a good job, but in most countries, as in most countries, we have to pay for education and we need to borrow to continue it. In some cases, students leave huge debts in the dormitory, which must be repaid. And the cost of learning is also increasing, even during recession.

Some critics point to the relationship between education and success, recalling the fact that not everyone is fit for college education. And with the fact that in the future, a large percentage of new mature people will never work in the area they studied. Debts ultimately will ultimately face a more uncertain future before they enter the university.

Asia, where education is a sign of success, some wealthy entrepreneurs have achieved academic results after their financial success. But they want their children to become university students and willing to pay for overseas traditional university education – when they can afford a business for their children and their home.

This controversial thinking about education was first successful, then the study could be a new trend outside of education in Asia. While some college graduates can see people like Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, "the kid who made 60 million people in 18 months". But someone like Kevin Rose can easily afford to sit back and study to a certain degree and offer hundreds of such graduate employees.

Some experts also refer to innovative, skilled workers, especially in the new green tech industry. It is an industry that always has a lot of solvency and stable employment opportunities for many people to return to college – an opportunity that can be much better than traditional university education.

We will always need innovative, skilled professionals, inventors and designers who "think about the box". and you can look for much more than a diploma. These skills can not always be taught at a conventional university, but are equally valuable to society.

Before deciding that traditional college education is for you, there are opportunities. Success and education can not always be linked – since your university diploma can not guarantee you a job in the future field.

Other options include online diplomas and trainings related to future careers. Where you can continue your search and continue to study the growing debts, many college graduates are faced with. Debts that may endanger future career forms – after completing traditional university education.

Getting to a standard university is the right step for you, but first look at your opportunities and your own skills. You may discover other ways to succeed or compromise through the development of skills while studying online with a degree.

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