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How Much Does the Cost of Free Education Cost?

2 kids + 2 weeks school = $ 100

What's wrong with this picture? This is public education! Do not have a legitimate right to a free primary school education in a public school system? I talked to family and friends in Columbus and other giant and big cities in Ohio and there, and did not pay a class prize, what is it? Each year I asked them to pay them and say "books and stuff" or something like that. So why did not I see these books and things I still pay to go home with my kids at the end of the year? Who will use them next year? Do you throw off children whose parents can not afford to pay the prizes (yet try to get out of it), send them to other school districts so they do not have to pay a fee? And this is only the beginning, here is a breakdown that the school had to pay for two children during the first two weeks:

Class Fees = $ 75

Courses and Supplies = $ 98

School Photos = $ 35 ( and this is done twice a year! Pictures are not as good as images taken with digital cameras!)

School lunches = $ ??? (too expensive to follow our children and complain about childhood obesity – we pack healthy, less expensive food)

Supplies = $ 146 (and you can not tell them that the kids use the six packs I sent them and all their pencils, and why can not we buy a package of dry wipes for the teachers to use what we can afford? Why should the EXPO be a wide-peak primary bla bla bla bla?

Base = $ 52 (I know we do not have to buy this stuff, but just try to tell the kid that he will be the only one who does not get a cheap price when the stuff comes in, as if to say he grew up happy! Yes, at a certain point, but …)

Rates for Trips and Trips = $ 6 (So far)

= $ ??? (I do not buy it, but if so, add it to it)

Total, up to now = $ 412 +++

Now add the additional property taxes that we pay each time the school tax is up and they almost always do, that we wanted our school system to run a million dollar soccer field and build two or three new schools a year. Yes, Marysville is growing up, but consider this before deciding to increase its own tax allowance to move new students, each household pays taxes to their children so the new growth will make new money for schools. Do we really need more than that for ours? Now I know that these things need it, and I do not mind paying for these things, or even things like camp – that is not necessary. But seriously, when will it end? I know, I know when I grow up and I go (or do it?). And why are donors bringing home the first week of school? Give us a break! Some people can not afford it at one time. (or at least refuse!)

Wow, this was the first time I added everything and all this after I had my right arm and my husband's left leg on school clothes! Well, schools, officially broken, thank you for free education!

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