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How can you complete your education while raising toddlers?

Child lifting is quite stressful. Raising children and participating in college is almost unthinkable but possible. I was a three-month-old daughter and one-year-old son when I decided to go back to school and finish my first master's degree. The money was scarce and I cared for my daughter who refused to drink from the bottles. Fortunately my husband and mother could sit almost every time.

After completing my first master's degree, my husband and I were divorced, working full-time as a social worker and full-time doctoral student. My children were 3 and 4 years old and it was difficult to take care of them, work and go to school at the same time. Consequently, it is essential for me to simplify my life. My mother begged me to leave school. He said, "Sandy, these dormitories are made of bricks and stone and will exist when you are dead or gone, but your children live shortly in your life."

I thought about my mother's advice. The only problem I had was to earn $ 20,000 a year, a Master's degree as a social worker. I was so struggling to end and sleep with a married woman at the age of 38. I hated myself and my financial situation. I prayed to God to give me a signal or suggestion that I would abandon the postgraduate school. The next day on Saturday, on the morning in the Department of Education Sociology, the teacher was late, and I was a classmate and we talked about family, school and work.

Your classmate is a dark, middle-aged, African American woman who has physically remembered me. I told her what my mother said about leaving school as long as the kids were older and seriously thinking that they would stop the postgraduate school. Your classmate told me, "I do not agree with your mother, but the decision is yours. I think it's best to go to school while your children are young because just a dry pampering, food, love, and somebody do not always have to meet your needs If your children are young, their needs are simple, your children need more, as they are older, because they are involved in more activities and their lives are more complex Your children will not remember who changed their pampering but will never forget or forgive you because they were not present dance performances, small league games or our first school game. "

I never saw this woman again because I decided to stay at school. I am very close to both of my children and I was able to lead my daughter to ballet and my son into the martial arts class. I am grateful that I have the resources to take care of myself and my children.

Here are some tips that can help you reach your educational goal. These tips made it possible for me to get two Master's degrees and Ph.D. degrees while maintaining my common sense.

WARNING: This will not be an easy task. Most days, you are exhausted, the imminent breakup and resign. You will undoubtedly cry for yourself to sleep for a few nights. But if you are passionate about getting your education, it is light at the end of the tunnel.

first If you do not plan, you will not succeed. First and foremost, develop a plan. Before you go to the university, talk to one of your scientific advisors, tell them exactly what classes you will need to complete your education when you are offered classes, roughly as long as you graduate as a full-time or part-time student. Get information about the deadline for financial support and the name of contact person for any person who qualifies to fill out the form. After mapping your strategy, you are ready to look for other resources between your family and friends

. Find a babysitter who is trusted, but still receives the backup. Find other nurses in the dormitory. Compare the timetables. Make a plan to look at each other's children during the lessons.

Find a daycare service where you pay every child for an hour. The fee for my two children was between $ 6 and $ 8. Based on the course load and class frequency, I usually paid $ 25 for childcare when my family was unavailable. If there is no such program in your community, create one. This is a valuable tool for single mothers.

Do not look too teenage family members and neighbors who are mature and responsible

. When designing the curriculum, try not to overload the schedules with difficult or demanding classes. You can easily combine easy or independent studies (courses that you study outside of the classroom with a teacher, the meetings are arranged by the teacher and the student).

4. As a parent of toddlers who often have colds, pink eyes, ear infections, etc., we do not have the luxury of procrastination. Check out the timetable for each of your classes and mark out all the projects, exams, quiz research papers, and presentations. Give yourself a new maturity date that is due before the lecturers one or two weeks. Work diligently on your projects as if your date was the actual date of the due date. If you have previously completed the assignment in a folder. This strategy was my saving grace as a mother and a full time employee and a graduate student. If you do not find childcare or your child is ill, you are at the top of your game.

5th Use your time properly. How to work and go to school full time? Personally, I do not usually go home, turn on the TV or call. If you have a favorite show, check out, but do not hesitate in front of the TV. Schedule Saturday and Sunday to chat with family and friends. Do not forget to put your pencils on time for yourself and your children.

6th Sleep when the kids are sleeping, studying when the kids play, with satisfaction. I studied many exams while I was nursing my baby. Determine who and what is important to you and clear your life's surplus

. Arrange your home according to your lifestyle. I wanted my home to look chubby, but it was not comfortable for me. Put blankets, toys, pots and other objects in the living room where you can watch and study the kids. Buy comfortable, cheap clothes that do not require ironing or dry cleaning

. Cook a glass of food this week and order pizza for the weekend. Plan your meals in time and cook enough residue

9. Repair your hair in an easy-to-maintain, low-maintenance style, such as a ponytail or a short hairstyle.

10th Choose a day during the week for cleaning and washing. When you have finished using it, immediately remove it. This is the habit of preserving tons of work on the road. I learned this difficult journey. Do not work unnecessary things, especially during the break time.

eleventh Find out the importance of ranking based on long-term goals. Preparatory learning for major examinations and research work may be cumbersome. It goes without saying; children's needs primarily.

a. Always make some physical things with your kids, such as park, look around, make snowmen or sand dunes, go for a walk or play. Publishing children at one time serves three purposes: one, relieves those who are not good parents when you are learning; two physically and psychologically healthy for your child; and three, the child is more likely to give you the time you need when you love love and ensure that you need it.

12th If possible, bring the kids to the library to do light research. Packing activities, blankets and healthy food in a bag. Sit in an area that is "noisy" or isolated.

13th The greatest gift that any mother can give to her child is her own happiness. Do not let children have any objections to make your dreams come true. Let them have their inspirations and become an example of how they can accomplish their dreams.

14th Do whatever you need to do to complete your education. Pace yourself. Concentrate. Completing each chapter, test, and task brings you closer to the goal. Yes, there is actually a light at the end of the tunnel. The big picture is overwhelmed, but in mind, the big picture is tiny. Complete your goal step by step. Find out what's possible.

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