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Home tuition – necessity in Singapore

Singapore's education system can be called one of the world's leading worlds, and especially the British Minister of Education, Michael Gove, has chosen to be praised among the world's best educational systems. There is also a political ideology in Singapore called Meritocracy, which supports the principle of nurturing and nurturing potential young students for leadership positions. The current education system in Singapore requires students to make further efforts to produce meaningful results, no matter how prestigious or recognized the school is. This is because the proportion of teachers and teachers in schools is weaker, and it will be very difficult for teachers in these schools to pay individual attention to students. According to statistics from Singapore Education in 2008, the number of students enrolled at different levels of schools is over 500,000, and the number of teachers employed in these schools is less than 28,000, showing a weak relationship between teacher and student. So, students stay competitive and earn high scores, require home tuition. Many studies and surveys have shown that more than 90% of Singapore students rely on tuition fees, be it an educational center or a home teacher.

What are the benefits of learning at home?

The primary advantage of home teaching is "individual attention", which is not available in schools, and which is also the main reason for the home teacher. Another important aspect is the comfort with timing, because the home teacher can visit the student's home in the best hours and the student does not need to travel to the tuition wherever they are at the teaching centers. Church interaction, which is only characteristic of home tuition, helps the teacher to understand where the student is weak and to focus on better focus. As the student develops good relationships with the teacher, he becomes more confident and clears all the uncertainties and doubts about each academic chapter that the student hesitated to ask for in the classroom. A good home instructor would include relevant examples and scenarios to describe a specific topic in any topic, so that the student can understand much better than he taught at school. A good home instructor can help the student in easy memorable techniques in difficult chapters, as well as further tips on performing the tests well, and can help the student obtain excellent scores on the exams.

Despite the fact that many educational centers claim that they are paying attention to their students, it is very difficult to understand how this will work if the scenario is much like school, where the teacher's student ratio is very poor . Even if such an education center really has what it claims, the student can spend more time traveling than the actual course itself

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