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Higher Education – Universities Hate Students for High Payments

This is very simple. The university wants to call itself. The better the university, the more applications coming in. Supply and demand suggest that high demand meets high school tuition. In addition, charitable donations are much higher for well-known institutions. To be thinking of a university, you have to be an elite. By definition, the path of the elite is to regularly eliminate "weaker" students.

University Weed Out Policy

They form rules. Politics generally says that the professor may allow you to choose some of the best qualities. If some extra good quality is shared, the professor must write a report that verifies the outlier. In fact, your work is judged against the work of other students. They will not judge you if you understand and can do the presented material. This is an actual bell.

Weed Out Classes

Almost every bigger, especially high payer, there are killer classes that get rid of you. Usually there are 3 to 5 herbivores. What happens, the school chooses the heaviest class in the main (usually). In addition, the school will develop a policy that only a few students get good quality. The University is pursuing another policy that says it needs to step forward and be of high quality in these selection classes. What happens is that many poorly performing students change the professionals something lighter.

What You Lose by Classes

Usually, the class tries to determine which student you were in high school. A typical scenario is that every student is motivated. Everyone is studying and everyone is familiar with the material presented. As a professor, how do you get a low enough average to complete university policy? Simply put, they usually do things that are not in the classroom. It may come from high school, or it may be that other great students know a certain boss. For example, senior engineer students are well acquainted with physics. Because math is often a favorite weed control class, your favorite only pinches the problems so they do not really fit the things presented. So only the Math Sterling Scholars and such will be able to handle it. Essentially, he knew everything that his teacher taught, but he was still low in quality. So study math as a hobby in high school. The dormitory becomes a site that demonstrates your history and not the potential to present. The priority of learning is limited by university breaks

Final Note

Universities always say they are not making money. Did you know, however, that the founder of Pheonix University became a billionaire? How can you pack up to 400 students per student for $ 800,000, pay a teacher $ 40,000 a year and say you lose money?

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