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Executive MBA in India

The Executive MBA (EMBA) program is a management program designed specifically for working professionals and managers. This Executive MBA program provides managers, industry professionals and managers of different organizations with the opportunity to improve their skills. In most cases, Executive MBA programs and MBA programs include a similar curriculum. People who want to pursue an EMBA program should have about three years of experience, in some cases up to five years. This is because the level of this type of teaching is, of course, very high; a team approach is often used to discuss case studies, and it helps them learn from another.

Different modes of applied MBA programs are available depending on the convenience of working professionals. For example, there are one, two, and three year Executive MBA programs. Part of the courses are full-time; some of them are part-time. Few universities offer online and distance learning programs.

The one-year EMBA programs are designed for top-class executives with enormous latency to take greater responsibility in their organizations. These programs are mostly full-time, as these programs are built with full curricula, and managers who can do this can spend the maximum time on the programs.

The two-year EMBA programs have the same high-quality curriculum as the one-year programs, but are designed to be more effective for those working professionals who cannot leave work for more intensive one-year programs. EMBA programs can be done full-time or part-time depending on their convenience.

The correspondent Executive MBA is the most appropriate and recommended for professionals who need their postgraduate qualification to enhance their careers. These courses have a relatively low fee structure compared to the one-year, two-year full-time EMBA programs. In general, most managers are reluctant to leave their current job to continue their MBA due to many factors. These programs are personalized; It is advisable to choose a renowned university that offers correspondent EMBA programs.

The popularity of the Online Executive MBA from around the world is popular, where you can search for an MBA at your home. The main advantage of an online EMBA course is that you can continue it from any university in the world; everything can be directly between the entrance exam and the final exam. You can receive the course material by post or over the Internet. The world's best universities provide virtual classrooms where students can gather and discuss different issues.

The general eligibility criteria for continuing an EMBA are:

o Graduates in any discipline (or equivalent qualification)

o At least 3-5 years of full-time professional experience

o Valid GMAT sore

o English

List of the best business schools offering EMBA programs:

o Indian Institute, Ahmedabad (IIM-A)

o Indian Institute, Calcutta (IIM-C)

o Indian Institute, Bangalore (IIM-B)

o Indian Institute, Lucknow (IIM-L)

o Xavier Labor Research Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur

o Indian Business School, Hyderabad (ISB)

Indian Institute, Indore (IIM-I)

o Indian Institute, Kozhikode (IIM-K)

o Symbiosis Business Management Institute (SIBM)

o Faculty of Management (FMS)

University of Delhi

o Jamanlal Bajaj Institute of Management Science

by P. Jain, Director and Research Institute

o Indian Institute for Foreign Trade

o Amrita Institute of Management, Coimbatore

o Loyola Business Directorate, Chennai

o Amity Business School.

Executive MBAs represent a huge demand and are considered to be the strongest catalyst to stand out in their careers

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