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Education – What's This?

Tony Blair did everything about education and made a huge statement with such words as "education, education, education". It is very easy to say and sometimes some people understand, but does not change from the individual and society to society?

The definition of education has several questions. In general, education goes to school, then to college or college, and then gets a job. Obviously, passing the exams reflects how smart the individual is. However, do exams reflect how intelligent a person is, or what, as a society, has assigned a label to this? It should be noted that some people are scientifically & # 39; bright. By this I mean that the schools' learning theory inspired them and they learn hard for the exams and then pass on the very high standard. On the other hand, attention should be paid to the fact that academically intelligent people may lack intelligence in other areas. Have you ever thought about it? For example, a person who gets high grades for exams may not have the social skills needed for the real world. Does this mean that your studies are a waste of time? We really have to learn hard and get good classes to get the title "smart"? After all, if we look at the historical figures, did they go to school? The inventors have started this. We have to ask these questions ourselves.

For me, as a graduate student, I met many people worldwide. From this experience I learned that measuring intelligence in this contemporary society is something worrying. I met a line from doctors to cleaning staff. This suggests that the way in which intelligence is measured in society is worrying. Graduates work in areas that are not relevant to their subject area, and people are constantly used for other reasons than their university degree. So are there scientific institutions that prepare us for the big bad world? The answer we can see about the events around us. Personally, I think intelligence & # 39; poorly measured. After all, academic qualifications are simply based on going anywhere, but our thoughts constantly gather information, ideas, and name them. In addition, countries that do not have an official education institution do not mean that people in a given society are not trained, but perhaps more educated, as the so-called. professional bodies that are confronted are not always the brightest.

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