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Education upright


Government and private sector education must follow the actual operating costs. Most sectors need to be purchased for education. For example, books, chalk, ruler, and teaching materials can be easily used. Therefore, education requires costs.

Thus, such a presumption is not followed by eyes and ears of intimacy as social. Education is not a commodity, but effort implements a system and mechanisms that people can improve; to improve self, self and man's interaction solvents can be done on their own.

The Indonesian XXI. century gradual education paradigm began to leave the founders of this republican nation state, ie every citizen is entitled to get to know the relevant education. The founders of Republicans who are aware of the fact that teaching implements mankind in a humanitarian sense and which can lead to the fullness of the spirit would be very nervous in the educational situation.

The Role of the Government and the Private Sector [19659002] Education is the responsibility of all subordinates. With reference to this assumption, the organizer of education is not merely a government, but also the individual and group integration of the private sector. Thus, the government hoped that members of the responsible public would educate the Indonesians.

Despite the fact that the cost constraint allowed the government to give the public the opportunity to participate and to develop business activities. This hypothesis was understood by the public by opening the school, the courses, or the educated type of education with a tool that is better than school building and the ownership government. By giving education support that is quite different, fairly complete, and promises to guide education, the private sector has to be redeemed at a cost that is not cheap. That's so expensive education.

Did Indonesia ever have Perguruan Taman Siswa educated the public? Do motivated people educate the public? People. Indonesia also has a Pesantren (Islamic Model) education system that does not collect money that comes from students in the form of money. The student of a classical student studied not only biology, physics, mathematics, language, and art, but also studied Islamic science for the sake of individuality and the public.

Without the frustration of motivation, the management of the organizer and the existing education. The private organizer of education can generally sell their dreams to the facilities they carry. Do you ignore the condition of the Indonesian population, most of them have no purchasing power or energy? The power of bargaining power. The old disciple becomes a reality for the "expensive school" and "the rich man's children go to school".

Of course we have to admit that the school requires costs. However, collecting altitude costs for education is indeed a bad mistake; as in the 1945 Constitution, all citizens [is] who are entitled to education.

Capital: According to the law

Changes the educational purpose of the Indonesian Republic to be a cause for concern. If education is to be done only by people who have money, so is the largest Indonesian layer? People do not have formal education. Poor people and people who do not have purchasing power will give an apical generation. Thus, it would lose the civilization of a nation.

At present, only material-benefit education at meniticberries only makes one person individually and once overrides that man is basically autonomous. The tendency and dependence to receive (the yield of the educational product makes it possible in all kinds of ways, machiavelistical

On the other hand, the education system this time separates man from (the area and sometimes withdrawn) that the education system this time educator participant does not stand alone and sometimes forgets the ghost as a social creature, or Aristotle's view is that Zoon Politicon is a man.

Semestinyalah was when the educational goal was systemic. Ideally, education should fill the " humane humanization, the non-dehumanization agenda, the altitude costs by collecting the barium of the law, and by itself teaching to meet industrial requirements, a respectable reference and the only equipment capable of competent work

Excessive treatment and law The private sector of barium, the acute dilemma, has been trapped. On one public side, education is needed to increase the reality of mankind; on the other side, medium costs are not a monster or infinite nightmare.

The aspiration of fear and public opinion to send to school some of the party pages used by children. This condition is a real profit if it is evaluated from a business point of view. Panic buyers really can not assume that they are taking advantage of my pelaku-gamble.

Opinion: Education in the Sacral Factor

Indonesia The public has still considered that formal education is only improvement; service life, good work, good pay, and fulfillment of the primary requirements, can enhance the degree. This assumption takes place through generations, and always ensures that it exaggerates the assumption and makes formal education to a place that is sacred.

Although all formal education, vocational school is not an interesting tool. Vocational school is a member of the poor audience, vocational school teaching is not the elite and ancient thinking, but the spread and perception of life. rich children, but specializing in the children of poor families.

Social blaze, like the toxic effect that goes to school that is enjoyed by rich children, suppresses the suppressed feeling and does not impress the poor people. it is in school (children will treat it as their fate, which must be accepted and considered God a punishment.) Of course, it is ironic, but this is the reality when schools are becoming more expensive and the poor [shall] have no place in school. 19659002] Indonesian Minister of Education, the existence, which is likely to be far from citizenship, is becoming more and more obvious, as well as the movement of schools, capitalization symptom education becomes increasingly apparent. Now, education is managed through business management, which is then bursting with cost. Costs of education are becoming more and more expensive, even the fascinating ones have become commodities for the capitalist (capitalist). Using the finest school tag, your favorite school, contemporary schools, etc. Costs of education increasingly choke the poor. Our study is increasingly overthrowing the marginal clan. Where is the status of our educational truth if you have a verifiable school just because you only have the money?

While a man who is certain to be a normal audience will choose the best of life. However, (disability and kepicikan with regard to the educational problem) (objectivity also disappears) Indigenous audiences naturally require renewal that education is an essential element of improvement and quality of improvement (mankind). Of course, there is no guarantee that education will make people rich, influential, famous, and commanding.

There is still a need to strike the length of debate so that the Indonesian audience can look into formal education is not the only means of improving and improving (for life, the public must admit that formal education is not like it (on the pitch )

Resuscitation must be trained in pebisnis, capable of achieving and realizing it (the pursuit is not economically advantageous) and therefore does not use the school's tools fairly to create life, still in school and between idealism it must be slid that there is no reason to re-educate it, which has quality full support facilities and has several options.

Another alternative intensifies that non-diploma requires but motivates ethical and hard work build itself, on the right front, you have to live up early, public opinion needs to be awakened that becoming a public servant is not the price of death.

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