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Education – university degree

Many of the rising costs of higher education have begun to question the value of college education. The struggle to acquire life and to gain valuable knowledge to increase future earning potential is the dilemma of many people. At the same time, research has shown that the rate of return on investment equals the average of university and long-term university education of more than 118%

According to the United States Census Bureau, a university graduate can earn more than one million dollars in extra income during their lifetime . One million dollars is a significant amount of money, taking into account the costs of investment in university degree (average $ 35,196). Knowing that a university graduate can earn millions of dollars in their lives, he supports the concept that higher education is worth investing. There are several other justifiable reasons to support college participation in obtaining a university degree, for example:

Financial Value of Higher Education: The breakdown of US Census Bureau results shows that an adult with high school education averages 1, Earning $ 2 million; the holders of co-owners earn about $ 1.6 million; and those who earn a bachelor degree of about $ 2.1 million. Taking into account the big differences in earnings in these categories, this makes the value of dormitory and university education. As an alternative, the United States Department of Education found that a four-year state university full-time student paid an average of $ 8,565 for tuition, room and board, and full-time students at 2-year-old universities. It's $ 1 359 a year for tuition fees. Although higher education may be expensive, it dramatically increases the earning capacity of an individual.

Social Value of Tertiary Education in Higher Education: In their 1992 report, Elchanan Cohn and Terry Geske noted that "college graduates are more optimistic about the personal and personal development of the past and the future." Improved self-esteem for those with university education means more viable candidates for many positions in the labor market and trust in job retention.

The Value of Public Diploma in Higher Education: The Higher Education Policy The policy found that improving the participation in the college has little to do with the greater productivity of the workplace, the flexibility of the workforce, the tax incentives and the government's financial support. Students with university degrees are content to be able to acquire the right lifestyle

Personal values ​​of obtaining a university degree in higher education: Furthermore, according to the Higher Education Institute, college graduates have higher levels of savings, hobbies, increased professional mobility and better quality of life for children , and make better decisions as consumers. The skills gained in obtaining a university degree are also used in everyday life

The health value of obtaining a university degree in tertiary education: in 1992, the Cohn and Geske studies showed that "parental education levels positively correlate the health of their children" and "increased educational attainment correlates with lower mortality in the given age groups". Most of the university graduates spend workplaces that they enjoy, which reduces stress, and such jobs often offer better health insurance plans for their employees, which improves overall health.

So what's the option, but do not really look for it? According to a study conducted by Boesel and Fredland in 1999, those who do not qualify for less or the same amount than 2-year university students. As 600 000 students leave the 4-year-old dormitory each year without graduation, in some cases, it may be wise to look for a 2-year degree before taking a 4-year degree. Gaining a two-year degree allows you to maximize your personal earning capability without having to finish the educational debt for a four-year program.

The decision to acquire a university degree is unquestionable. For people who are flexible enough, getting a university degree is easier to achieve with the convenience of online education. Almost every subject can be studied through online courses and valid courses. According to the online online survey conducted in the United States in 2006, nearly 3.2 million students attended at least one online course during the autumn of 2005, which was a significant increase from 2.3 million in the previous year. The same report argues that most academic officials believe that the quality of online education is actually equal to or better than the traditional learning face-to-face. Knowledge and skills are equivalent to completing an online course to participate in the traditional environment in the classroom.

The College College study in Education Pays found in 2006 that women aged 25-34 were 70% more than secondary school graduates and 63% more in this category. This means that the average income support with a university degree is $ 14,000. After thorough consideration of the facts, there are many great reasons to study and obtain a university degree. One of the most sensitive reasons for getting a college degree is that those with an increased income can enjoy it.

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