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Education rather shares the associations

The quality of the delivered education changes in private and public schools. Private schools are more costly only for relatively prosperous departments, while public schools do not burden their wallets, so common people like them. Although some state schools are able to provide high-quality education, they are the faded ones compared to private schools. If you invest more money into student education, private schools enjoy better reputation than public schools. The good reputation of the school means a lot in college recordings, where public school students are again at a disadvantage.

In some developing countries, such as Pakistan and India, women and rural women generally refused to receive education. Men should favor sending children to school, especially if the household has a limited budget. Even educated individuals make such absurd decisions, and these practices are not only separate from the schools but also from the workplace.

The individual's living conditions dictate whether he can complete his or her education. Therefore, a person who does not even meet his basic needs in education is a much more difficult task than a relatively light living person. Children of such impoverished families are becoming more and more difficult to pursue education while seeking bread and butter for their families. Most of them are unable to complete their primary education, not because they have chosen, but because the circumstances dictate. In such circumstances, education does not help such individuals through the transition from the poverty cycle to a wider gap between the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated.

Education standards across geographic boundaries, continents and whole poles. The West is usually excluded because of the quality of education, so many East-East students can choose western colleges (only the rich are able to do so). Likewise, people living in rural areas do not have the same quality of education as residents in urban areas. Technological developments have offset this issue very limited. However, the pace of technology improvement is noteworthy, and soon there will be no question for the site.

Getting education can be difficult and some are really impossible for others, but education plays a key role in providing higher employment opportunities and better paid jobs. If education becomes more accessible and quality is made more consistent so that the rich will not benefit and the poor will not be in a disadvantage and that it will not determine the chances of being educated and that the individual will not dictate the quality of education he will accept , only education can unite society

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