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Education is the right

Ten years ago, we worked in a private school in Nairobi, Kenya. People who did not have a chance to travel often are in Africa. I had a certain expectation when I got there, but soon realized that I had missed the things I saw on TV about the different aspects of the wonderful continent. In any case, the only thing I can say about my experiences is that I met the most interesting, most demanding and mature students of the whole cargo. These children, very young, were simply grateful for their education.

I met a few years ago with another teacher who taught Africa on the other side of Africa, but not in a private school like me, but in a small village school that was somewhere lost in the bush. She might be strange, but she met her with the most interesting, most demanding and mature children.

These children, both of whom I met in Kenya and those they met in Ghana, could hardly have been different. Much of my students were well traced with her parents. to take over business, undoubtedly the dormitory education and the promised life comfort. None of my Ghana students loved my school and would have done everything to get there.

In a conversation with my very good Ghanaian friend, I understood that in both cases, and generally in Africa, people consider education to be a privilege, so they make the most of it. He grew up in Africa and came from a better family than the average African, but he never held education forever. There and in many other countries in the world can never be guaranteed when a child is born to go to school. So when you do this, we appreciate it.

True, our image of Africa is the less developed side of the continent. We see people living in muddy huts, overcrowded vehicles and wild animals around the villages from scratch. We can see the children in the streets of big cities who can live all they can to survive. These kids would give you everything to go to school. But what's the chance?

A few days ago I read an article about two Afghan nurses who went to school one day and attacked the men who began to acidize their mouths. They were teenagers, they went to school. People did not want women to be educated. These girls are much more determined than ever to go to school.

Not long ago in the United States, some people did not have the same access to the same education because of the color of their skin. Until recently, women in many countries have not received the same level of education.

There are still nations that have totalitarian regimes who do not allow the teaching of certain books, information, and facts because of their political, religious, or social convictions.

In this country some parents have to force children to go to school. Kids run away, they pretend to go to school when they fall and disappear during the day. You heard the teens say the school is boring. A good friend often says, "Only boring people are bored" …

In this country, education is served on a plate. Of course there is always constructive criticism and improvement. You can always say that this is not as good as it should / may be. But it's there! Kids do not have to get up in the middle of the night and have to go there for two hours and go back to school. They get access to all kinds of books, movies, scripts, and discussions. Philosophers are being studied, even if they are sometimes questioned and disturbed. Knowledge is delivered on a daily basis, there is to be received if you want.

The United States remains the symbol of freedom. Many countries in the Western world are free to boast. You hear people in the United States about their right to freedom. "It's a free country! I can do it!" Freedom is a privilege, everyone knows this and remembers everyone else and proudly states the fact that it belongs to a country where freedom is the basis of life.

Education is the same. This is a privilege like Freedom. In fact this is part of it. And yet many people, especially those who do not see value, get it. Nobody questions whether there is freedom and a particular one. It should be there. And yet, education is the same. Everyone is there. The fact that you are given it does not make it less valuable. You get the freedom. The price came yet. Education was also the case. It was not always that way.

Education is a privilege. Just like freedom. Education is what liberates people. Education is what enables people to think and question, criticize, and improve the world. They may think that changes are needed in education and I agree with you. There is always room for improvement, so you will always have to look at things better. You can teach in different ways, and sometimes you do not need to go to secondary school, as it is now. But whatever form of education you get is useful when you're ready.

Do not accept it anymore as self-explanatory, like the Freedom itself. Make sure the kids know this and find out how grateful they can go to school every day. They got the chance to develop thinking thoughts. If you think the school is not good enough, you can suggest solutions, but do not threaten it. Receive it as a gift and a privilege that actually is.

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