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Education in today's world

In today's world, rapid changes are taking place and the impact of these changes on education and teachers is great.

Education today requires that a child be shaped into a person capable of effectively contributing to society and the community of the world. Children living in the world today need to be taught and not just remembered. A sense of responsibility must be developed for knowledge. Without any responsibility, learning without wisdom can be dangerous.

Children need to "learn learning" should be raised. They need to enjoy the design adventure, feel the performance experience, and yet they will be able to cope with the things that are all part of the work.

The art of teaching, as the art of healing, is the adult of every child. Teacher must learn what keeps students. Can understand and respond openly: Why do not children go to school with the same interest and enthusiasm as playing? Or why they want to throw away books about nature and birds, and yet they run after butterflies in the garden.

Much of today's teaching / learning process is carried out in front of the school. A lot of information about the world and other people is learned from a variety of sources from day to day. But schools, colleges and universities help integrate these information bits into healthy education.

All satisfactory formal education must achieve at least three minimum goals –

(i) Education must provide the student with basic knowledge and basic skills that he or she as a community worker requires. (ii) Secondly, there is a social purpose. Education should strive to integrate students into the society in which they will work and determine ethical and moral norms that govern their decisions and give them a social sense of responsibility. (Iii) Third, there is the cultural goal. Education should help the student to become more independent, develop internal resources and lead a rich and rewarding life.

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