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Education in Malaysia

In Malaysia, our education systems are based on English education systems. Education ranged from kindergarten to high school education. The first level of education in kindergarten is to enter the children to be 4-6 years old. After the kindergarten school, the children go to elementary school. They go to elementary school until they reach the age of 12.

The primary school started from 1st to 6th year. Year 1 is when he reaches 7, and 6 is 12 years of age. When in the 6th grade a civilian exam is "UPSR". Ujian Penilaian sekolah rendah (UPSR) or in English we can say the primary school assessment test.

This high school can be divided into two parts, the first part of which is the loving middle school age of 13-15 years (form 1 is form 3) and the other middle middle school is 16-17 years (form 4 on the 5th floor) PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah) exams in English or English in high school before they can go to upper secondary school and sit at the top exam at the end of the high school before they can go to college or college. This exam is called SPM (Sijil Peperiksan Malaysia) or English Malaysian Exam Certificate. If you are doing well in this exam, you will continue to go to a high level of education such as a university or a college.If you do not pass the exam, you still have the chance to study You can enter Lover 6 and then at the top 6. At the top of the top six you will sit on exams STEPM (Sijil Tinggi Peperiksaan Malaysia) or English Malaysian High School Exam. This STPM is almost the same standard as the Diploma. If they have a good result, they can continue to study at the university.

From the "SPM" if they want to get a university from the university, there are two different ways. The first is that the diploma of any college or the second is the way to graduate from maturity for the first time. The graduation is la la pre-university. you need a two-year course and you do not have to go to college because the college needs to complete a three-year study before you can go to the undergraduate course. But there is a Pro con, if u for maturity if u fail u can not get back to maturity u have to go to college if u want to continue the study. Although the dormitory is longer after maturity, it is safer than maturity. The baccalaureate does not have any certificates that pass through the exam, only receive a coupon that shows maturity and can continue to study. This slider can not be used to find a job if it is useless if you do not finish the college. But if I go to college, they get a diploma, they can be used to find a job if they do not want to study. This is a bit about education in Malaysia.

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