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Education as a lifelong process

"I'm so glad we finished our education," a friend of mine, John, said the next day, with the funny smile of a prison who counts his fingers for the rest of the century. Instead of saying "myself," I said seriously, "No, John, I do not think John is in disbelief staring at me why there is more education than going to schools or colleges, yes, of course, Today's Chinese in China, college teachers, for example: in the past, college teachers taught the same textbook, year after year, tests were the same, questions or problems changed differently, but they were just the same old variants of the subject but teachers did not need to study further , there is nowhere to be a clear line between teachers and students, the results must have a doctoral or postdoctoral qualification, and even taught professors are constantly pushing to update their knowledge to keep up with the latest scientific advances.

However, this does not mean that education is only one uti In addition to the educational items, besides the better possibilities of promotion, education also has a great impact on one character. when we say that someone is well-trained, does not simply mean that he has acquired a large amount of knowledge but has high moral standards and high EQs, is capable of critical, rational thinking and is able to face the pressure of modern society. however, it calls for lifelong learning and education to be conducted with a short age and may lead to a less developed character.

Education as a lifelong process is important for individual jobs, characters, and families. The old saying "man is never too old to learn" is still a truth in today's society.

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