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Education and Islam

Islam is a religion of peace and one of the most sacred and trusted religions that has given us guidance in every area of ​​life. Islam has given us knowledge that has no limitations. The Holy Qur'an is the most sacred book of Allah revealed by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to the direction of ascension and the richer message of messages to mankind.

Education is the key to maximizing the use of its potentials. Without education, no one finds the right course in this world.

The importance of education is basically twofold. Education makes people the right thinker. Without education, no one can properly think in a proper environment. It tells people how to think and how to decide. The second reason for the importance of education is the ability to receive information from the outside world only through the acquisition of education. They say that "without education, man is like being in a closed room, and with education, he finds himself in a room with all his windows open to the outside world."

Therefore, Islam attaches great importance to knowledge and education. When the Quran began to reveal, the first words of the first verse are "Iqra", that is, read.

The reflective book of the Holy Qur'an is so rich in content and meaning that if history of human thinking is forever, this book is unlikely to be read to the end. Every day, it sends a new message to humanity. Every morning, he gives us new thoughtful ideas and links us to the boundaries of ethics.

Islamic Education is one of the best education systems that make an ethical, well-groomed man with all the qualities he is a human being. The Western world is a bad image of Islam in the world. They do not know that our teachings are given directly through our prophets to Allah, the Creator of the world.

Muslims all over the world are thirsty for qualitative education. They know their boundaries and never try to cross. This is the West that created the hype that the Muslim is not in the way of getting the right education. They think that education teaches combat, weapons, etc. That is so fake. True, there are certain elements that force an individual to be on the wrong road, because when we are a child, we will be, but that does not mean that our religion teaches us incorrectly. [19659002] The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: [19659002] Find the knowledge from the cradle to the grave [19659002] and [19659002] Seek knowledge even [haolyantávolesőhelyentaláljukmegmintKínaBadr-csatábanamelybenkedvesSzentpróféta (SAW) győzelmetaratottellenségeiellenazellenségrangjánakhetvenemberétbörtönbevittékEzekafoglyokvoltakírástudókAnnakérdekébenhogyprofitálhassanakazoktatásukbólaprófétakijelentettehogyhaegyfogolytízmuzulmángyermekszámárataníthogyankellolvasniésírniakkorezváltváltóruháváésszabadonbocsátjaEzvoltazelsőiskolaaziszlámtörténetébenamelyetaprófétamagaállítottösszeésmindentanáranemmuszlimvoltAprófétaszunnnaaztmutatjahogyazoktatásnakmegkellfelelnieakockázatoktólfüggetlenül [19659002] Today the Muslims are good ideas, thoughts, knowledge and skills from all corners of the world. The world is moving very fast, and in this industrialized world, teachers are tasked with providing quality ethical integrated education for Muslim students worldwide because children are invaluable tools for future generations.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) encouraged all Muslims to know and share. He said:

"Know the knowledge, because whoever obtains it through Allah, performs a charitable act who speaks of it, praises the Lord who is seeking, worshiping Allah, giving gifts, and giving to others, will do everything Allaah. "(Bukhari, Muslim)

All teachers of both secular and religious education need to pay more attention to the classroom students. It is necessary in the Islamic system to consider these dear children as our own children and to put aside all other considerations and to raise these things above and to recognize our duty and mission. We need to raise the standard of education and pay attention to the needs of these children. We must recognize our responsibilities seriously and wake up to our sense of responsibility. We have seen that there are teachers who do not fulfill their interest. I would like to ask all teachers to teach the children with devotion and devotion, for the sake of their revolutionary duty for God's sake.

It is important that we work on discussions, debates, studies and

We must never forget that we are living in an Islamic state, and our goal is simultaneously to create both an independent and Islamic culture. Independence and the richness of content are in fact the characteristics of Islamic culture. Our system is an ideological system.

We need to create our children with enthusiasm and dynamism, and this search must cover every corner of our society. We must strive to be honest and honest.

Self-sacrifice and generosity, love for freedom, resilience and violent perseverance, courage to welcome martyrdom – all new values ​​of the new generation. according to the teaching of Islam.

The door of the school should always be opened for Islam in the interests of Muslim Ummah

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