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Do you think you become a teacher?

After retiring from public education in the classroom after 35 years, I retired, so I came back as a volunteer, guest lecturer and college supervisor. There is little excitement in life than engaging exciting teachers and students.

I found that good teachers want to go right; great teachers want to promote strategies and skills; Fantastic teachers want to know every day and be terrible things and reach and teach all children. Regardless of the category mentioned above, these teachers want to improve their students' engagement and academic success. Yes, there are teachers who prefer the status quo while they are struggling with the flow while trying to avoid stress, tension or the growth of talent. Fortunately, I know little about these people because they don't call them into their realm and I don't want to go.

Inspired teachers are motivating and creatively firing the room. Here, students are willing to experiment with new ways of thinking and experimenting, to turn their hearts and minds to growth, and to develop skills with energetic effort and commitment. They listen, try, renovate and withdraw until the best effort rewards them with the results. These kids smile, concentrate the furrows, love the challenge, and don't mind having jumped into questions and ideas because I talk to each of them on different topics. And so it was yesterday that I mixed myself with the weight of the fifth grade.

In order to observe their teacher when they led them to their writing and editing lessons, I watched carefully as they were prepared for the guest speakers. There were questions, sharing essays, and learning predictions. They knew what they knew about writing and were eager to learn more. When two editors of the local high school newspaper arrived, students designed interactive engagement and collaboration. And they were not disappointed. The editors shared ideas and thoughts about the creative process, loosening the writer's stream, researching and controlling information from reliable sources, editing and reviewing, and continually searching for improvements to the writer and editor, and refining the look, mood, quality and quality of their products. A copy of their paper was purchased for each student so that the children could get acquainted with the presentation and ask further questions to clarify the understanding of the product and the presentation.

Students read their personal work out loud to the quick criticism of their guests. The tips include improving headlines, paying special attention to who, what, where, why, and how to view the aspects of each piece, and constantly chasing it to create lively and lively. Each student received feedback with grace because they really wanted these few words of wisdom to help them live their personal talents.

This performance could have taken place in any school class, whatever it became special in every school, but it was a special design and organization by a regular teacher and teacher. As a team, they made some disciples with excellent questions and quality efforts to share them. The children knew that they were focusing on learning and intent on learning, and that they easily grabbed new ideas and put them into practice. These behaviors reflect the established and applied routines and procedures that ensure that the classroom is productive and free from behavioral disruptions and other distortions every day. These routines and procedures allow each student to succeed in a safe learning environment.

So if you really think about becoming a teacher – and we need it great – here are some feedback for you. Visit several classrooms, always enter open thoughts from the clouds of expectation that already have the uniqueness of each room's environment visible. watch the enthusiasm; eyeball for the body. Observe educational techniques, student actions and reactions, teacher and student movement in the classroom. Check the walls and tables to achieve your goals and goals, and then determine whether they meet the lessons of the moment.

Read the Word walls and other vocal presentations and decide if they are rich in essence. Analyze questions about quality and rigor. Yes or no answer is quick and easy, but it really turns out Ask students and teachers, always make sure not to interrupt, but to enhance learning.

If you step out with kingdom and passion, teaching is perfect for you. And as long as you feel yourself and overwhelmed when you feel angry or you need to disturb your teeth, you know that one of the three things has happened. One, bad class, object or grade; two, bad days, firefighters, churches and substitute teachers; three bad professions.

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