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Do Avatar And Robots Like Teachers of the Future?

I recently spoke with Avatar, Online Lectures and Robots about the fast-paced reality of expanding school courses. It sounds like a science fiction movie, but this reality comes faster than most people find out. I would like to present this dialogue.

See, my acquaintance asked if I heard the concept of avatars during the lesson, and specifically pointed out to the MindShift Educational Shop, then I remembered my thoughts as a teacher-student relationship with the future of robots and avatars, and if I thought the online college presentations of the future. Interestingly, yes, and I see that all of these and teaching technologies completely transform the school's thinking. Let me share some experience and comment.

So now that I went to the first DARPA Grand Challenge, I was sitting in a banquet with a Floridian lady who was a psychologist and we talked about a human conversation at the table -robot interaction and later Carnegie Mellon, MIT and I was looking at work with Asim in Japan during emotional imitation and reflection, all of which made sense to emotional attachment. In fact, I had an interesting lecture at CA Riverside University where autistic teacher researchers showed incredible success in the classroom, releasing teachers from the costly, one-on-one teaching that could be "right" but difficult for the stomachs of taxpayers and school systems.

Then I saw the performance of Quora (Sp) kids where they worked with Avatar and halfway in the world. Yes, I have written this topic, all those who have been involved in this article and how to use synergy just by understanding how the brain is thinking, studying and synthesizing information. Kids love this stuff, maybe because they are new and maybe they will not like it if the tint is worn out, say 15 years when robots are widespread in all areas of modern life and we have to buy it.

You see, I'm not convinced that we are talking about it and writing more about it. I think it is time to do everything and to do it, only then can we get the reward that we have trained the next generation to survive, evolve and improve our technologically advanced society. So I see what's with you. Go to an email, let's talk. Think about it and think about it.

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