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Distance learning – Advantage and disadvantage

According to the Sloan Consortium's online study in 2010, online enrollment for online programs has risen to nearly one million, compared to a year earlier, which was the biggest annual growth. ( The fact that so many people can choose online programs through elementary school education may suggest that there is something worth to be taught. For some students, a lot can be achieved: regardless of whether they are looking for job promotion or career change, distance learning programs help balance the current lifestyle to achieve goals.

But distance education is not for everyone. Below, some distance learning benefits and disadvantages help you decide whether online education is meaningful to you. Because distance education programs do not require you to physically attend a classroom or follow a predetermined schedule, you are free to set your own schedule. Distance learning provides you with flexibility to complete your course anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. Do you have an important task to run in the morning? No problem – sign up for school leaving this afternoon or later that night.

Learn and Look Forward: Many students attending online classes are full time professionals looking for a career in their careers by completing basic education or postgraduate training programs. But even if you are not currently working full time, distance learning courses offer a flexible schedule that allows you to study and search for time to go to school and keep up to date through college.

No geographic boundaries: Since you can do an distance learning course anywhere you do not link geography. You can choose any school that offers the program you want, regardless of where it is located – anywhere in the country or even internationally. Plus, if you ever relocated, you do not have to worry about going to another school.

Economical: There is not much difference between tuition fees and prizes when comparing online and traditional degrees, but distance learning is indeed more economical. You save costs like fuel, parking, books, childcare and so on. And since many of these programs are independent, they are able to graduate in less time than a conventional program. The time spent in the college is less than the lower educational costs.

Technically Competitive: Distance learning programs use sophisticated technology to provide education. By electronically accessing the curriculum, submitting orders through websites, and participating in online forums with the help of full-time teachers and classmates, distance learning students can contribute more technologically than classroom counterparts. The Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Judging Quality: Despite popularity and growth, they often question the quality and validity of distance learning. The main cause of prejudice against distance education is the presence of online "graduate mills" that issue false diplomas. This is the only way to make sure that your online degree is obtained from a properly accredited institution.

Lack of Interaction: Many students believe that lack of interaction – both student and student – is one of the greatest disadvantages of distance learning. Online classes feel isolated and it can be difficult to establish a long-term relationship with their classmates or contact their tutors.

Self-directed learning: Distance learning is primarily self-directed. This does not necessarily work for students who require more teaching and supervision from our professors, especially for more complex parts of the course. Self-learning can make a student independent and self-sufficient, but not for everyone.

The temptation to dying: The temptation to dying may be enormous when it comes to online education because you are self-determined. Therefore, the student must be focused, disciplined and motivated to complete the distance learning program.

Campus Life: Through online lessons, students miss out on university-related activities. From cultural events to college games, from prom-night to maturity, distance learning students do not know the college spirit. But some students believe that they have to pay a small price to get quality education that otherwise does not reach their goal.

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