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Disadvantages of the examination-oriented education system

Although children may seem to bounce and laugh all day, they also face the risk of stress. This can result from many sources, whether family affairs, harassment or education. An educational system based on the examination system can make unnecessary stress with improper implementation.

Qualifications are all that are important in an educational system based on an examination system. Get the high degree and you get the love from the teachers while other students are watching you. Low grade calls low self-esteem and isolation. This is because students are very competitive and are under consciousness, forming a caste for their friends. Those who are low on their class are unworthy of integrating into their friends.

Students are forced to get acquainted with and learn everything in their study to be of good quality during the test. It may be easy for some, while others may be particularly difficult, especially for those who are practical. Inadequacy can only cause confusion when disturbing other friends, which has a stronger impact on students' lives.

The student has to invest a lot of time if the student wants to learn very well. They lose their childhood in the process, lacking the opportunity to confuse with their peers. This may hamper the ability of their social skills to learn, an ability that will be important throughout their life.

If the goal is to get higher tests, other activities must be sacrificed. Teachers are required to reduce extra-curricular activities, such as sports, and discourage creative activities so that students can learn more. This can not happen because the students worked hard in the classroom and studied so they would be free to participate in such activities as the release of stress. How can you reduce stress if you have to spend day and night books?

The examination-oriented education system is a noble goal. However, implementation must be done with caution so that students are not affected. Everyone must understand that every individual is unique; some can learn excellently while others can rely on practical knowledge.

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