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Critical Thinking: Are there universities that make people mentally and emotionally weak?

If someone keeps the news up-to-date, you may have heard about what's happening at universities around the world. You could read newspapers, watch TV, and use social media to keep up to date with the ongoing steps in these institutions.

A closer look

On one hand, you have heard about "safe spaces", thus protecting them from "offensive" or "hate speech". In addition, read those speakers who were banned from talking there.

You may also have heard about the example where a student lost his self-control because he did not protect him from Halloween costumes. Though something like that sounds a bit extreme, it's far from the exceptions.


Listening to this kind of thing can question what the university is aiming for, as these institutions seem to have another purpose. Regardless of what one learns there, it can be said that they must be open to questioning, curious, and getting to know the different things.

Finally, this is not somebody else if you do not want to look at their views and beliefs. If they only strive to spend time with the people who agree with them, they should not have been there first.

A Great Difference

It will then be vital for people to have different opinions and opinions without their life being in danger. This allows them to question the validity of their own beliefs and identify why they believe in another person they believe.

Even if they are challenging the other person, they can continue to respect them. Everyone can question the other's opinion as opposed to trying to put an end to her life.


There are times when it is challenging and even more threatening than they are to believe. Whatever happens, his theory changes over time; it's just part of life.

The challenge is when you feel that you are too attached to what you believe and it is difficult to let go of something new. If that happens, their minds must be right, they can be more important than anything else.

So unless we can go back and observe their minds, they must be right. there will be more than one slave. One does not use their minds, their minds use them.

Now, if you have one at the university and are fully associated with what their minds believe, they stop themselves from actually embracing this experience. They leave with a closed mind and leave with a closed mind

The waste of time

They've been wasting their lives a few years and possibly having a lot of debt later. One has a great opportunity to develop their minds and grow, but they will not take it with both hands.

And if someone likes it as oppressed and not "privileged", they will not be considered "privileged" to be able to go to university. In addition to their negative impact on their own lives, they can make it much more difficult for people who want to learn.

The reason

Although it would be easy to focus on how certain students behave; this will only be part of the problem. What needs to be considered is why these universities wear these types of behavior.

But if students are considered "consumers," as Joanna Williams points out, there will be no reason as well. The priority of the humanity of these institutions will be to do their best to help people who pay for them.

Another goal

Thus, instead of providing a place where people will be able to grow and develop, they provide a completely different environment; an environment that is more of a daytime center than a place of learning. Making students more comfortable will be a priority, which means that anything that can challenge them will be boundless.

One way would be to say that such a university is more feminine than masculine. Masculine energy consists of many attributes and one of the necessities of challenging ideas and others is one of them; while much of the female energy is about strengthening, and this is a very different approach.

A Deeper View

It would be easy to focus purely on what some universities are doing, but it is not that someone is in a situation where they need to be desperately affirmed and unable to handle all that question them. Physically, this one looks like an adult, but emotionally feels like a needy kid.

Perhaps such a man did not get the care needed at the beginning of his life, which required a university to provide them with special treatment. The special treatment for childcare would not be guaranteed.

Meeting Childhood Needs

There would be demands that had not been met at this time during their lifetime and would probably have experienced the trauma of the process. This would have prevented them from being able to develop the regulation of their own emotions.

The trauma in them can be triggered when you hear something that you disagree with and you will feel like your life is in danger. The need for others to control and silence them is the way they try to prevent themselves from suppressing their own emotions.


One way to find out is to behave like an adult. There are far more than this, and this time someone may be irrelevant in their lives, but it is a starting point.

If someone feels self-restraint and wants to settle down, he or she needs external support. This can be provided by a therapist or healer.

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