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Compared to education in China and the US with the scientific discovery of the future

The United States has demonstrated that capitalism generates greater productivity than any other form of government, and today the United States' gross national product is 10 times the number of other nations and is twice as high as the other five most powerful countries.

This tells us that the United States is the largest nation ever created in the history of mankind. And of course we know this is true of tracking 10,000 years of written history. Do you think the school system in the United States and the fact that children left behind are not a good idea?

Many people have asked this question and this is a question we need to ask. To teach children to reach certain checkpoints at each stage to ensure they are able to read and write when they finish high school, we perform bad services for children who are developing rapidly in the intelligence phases. If we always learn in the middle and no one can leave the children behind, then we will not let the children in advance.

Well, we know about education issues in the United States, but what's happening in China? What structure and standards exist in schools in China? We know that there are more children in classrooms in China than in the United States per teacher, and yet we know that kids are much better because there is much better discipline in both culture and schools. If the schools in the United States become a nursing institution, how can they be taught?

Worse, how can we determine which classes of geniuses are there? In China, it is easy to feel relieved and easy to know that the geniuses in each bedroom immediately because the kids behave better. It is important to discover the children early in the school, as it is easier to allow them to move forward faster. This should be taken into account when comparing education in China and the United States and determining who will have future scientific advancement in innovation and discovery.

We know that if schools are better in China and there is a larger population base where more people are attracted, and we know that if China relies more heavily on a capitalist and free society then all the United States that is currently enjoy. I would like to think about the future consequences.

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