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College VS. Professional Sports

Sports! It's something that connects people all over America. Regardless of what the geographic region is, people feel strong emotions for their team and their sport. Full aliens are coming together as a family or are thrown at each other because of the team competition. There are thousands of intense discussions on these topics because fans can be so passionate about it. One of the biggest topics that seems to come out is most of the College Sports vs. Professional Sports. Are college sports better than pro sports? To answer this question, you need to break them down and look at each aspect. People need to count teams, players, coaches, fans, rivals, etc.

In my opinion, although sport is the same from college or professional, the games are completely different. At professional level, it is increasingly individual sport. They put more emphasis on superstars. Coaches make decisions based on a particular athlete and the owners evaluate the highest score as the coaches; While college continues to focus on the team's aspect. The coaches bring better results than the team and the schools have their backs. For example, look at basketball and how different it is between the two. In a professional basketball the offense runs through the best player – This person touches each game with the ball. In fact, most of the superstars are the offense, just give them the ball, go back and see what's happening. That's why the coach barely called a game. The same players do not always make the maximum effort. If the ball is stolen and a quick break is done, no one hurries to recover the ball. They all stop to watch the show while the ball is impressed with the spectacle. Professional athletes lost something along the way. They do not enjoy the same passion for the game. The sport has become them from 9 to 5. However, in college basketball, coaches are constantly calling offensive and defensive games; It's like a chess match between the two coaches. The offense moves the ball and a man does not finish something to happen. Players are moving hard all the time they are in court. They give everything in every game. Everyone give her everything to get the ball if she is stolen. College athletes still have a passion for the game. This is the game they like to play. Therefore, in my opinion, it is much more enjoyable to look at and isolate them.

Another big reason why college sports is considered better than the benefits of rivalry. So the professional rivalry has plummeted. In the pros, this superstar is more important than the superstar instead of the two teams. On the other hand, high school rivalry is much more intense than the benefits. What are the first teams to think about when someone is talking about rivalry? I bet that most of these teams are dormitories. Top of the list is North Carolina vs. Duke, Michigan v. Ohio State, Georgia Vs. Florida and South Carolina vs Clemson for colleges, while for Professionals the New York Yankees vs. Boston RedSox and Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins. By comparing the factors that affect these rivalries, it becomes clear why it is better for one another. For example, look at North Carolina vs Duke compared with New York vs Boston. The Carolina / Duke rivalry is in the same state. In fact, these two schools are actually 8 miles apart. Fans cross each other every day. They hate each other with passion. There is a rich history among schools that rival the competition. These schools only play twice in each sport, and the last game in which the tournament is in the row is ten to nine times. In addition, sports media offers a huge offer every time they play with each other. On the other hand, New York and Boston are located in two different states, and although there is history between them, they are not as strong as before. These two teams play multiple series, with three games for one series. So regular season games are very rarely of great significance. The media only does a great deal of things when playing games in the playoffs. That is said, in my opinion, dormitories have the best competitions in the sport.

College or Professional? Everyone has an opinion. This debate will continue in the years to come, no matter what facts it presents. In the end, regardless of how you feel, there is only something special about sports at the dormitory level.

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