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Apartments near the University of Georgia

There are many opportunities for students who have chosen to participate in the University of Georgia. Athens, Georgia is a smaller city than many bigger hubs, which means that the price of apartments is quite lower than in many similar cities. This incoming student offers a lot of opportunities if they can not afford an apartment at the current university campus.

In the campus of East Campus, opened in August 2004, the students of the University of Georgia have the opportunity to find the perfect UGA apartments according to their needs. The East Campus Village (ECV) is a 4-star apartment house that is popular amongst the students. More than 1,200 university students enjoy comfort and privacy in apartment houses.

The ECV apartments are fully furnished and share two or three or four students sharing their room with their own room. There are kitchenettes with a kitchenette, a microwave, a washbasin and a full-sized refrigerator (the cozy mini fridge is provided to your bedroom). The rooms feature full size beds, wardrobes, work desks and chairs, a telephone and high-speed Internet access.

By doing this, students at the University of Georgia are looking for a lot of comfort and offer a lot of room setup options. In addition, there are always enough bathrooms to ensure that no more than two people should ever share the bathroom. In addition, these new homes have all the modern amenities and temperature controls you expect.

Do not forget that these college flats, these apartments are laundry, classrooms, conference rooms, computer laboratories and vending machines. Thus, university students can enjoy the best of both worlds by staying at the university and keeping their own home.

What is a bit unusual about the length of time the rental contracts for ECV apartments are. These apartments can be rented for 11 1/2 months. The rental fee includes all public and local telephones as well as high speed internet and cable TV. The University of Georgia prefers returning students, graduate students, housing conditions, earned credit hours, and graduation rate averages. All new incoming students are still allowed, but this is a high rise.

If you can not enter these homes but want your own place, the good news is that the apartments are really cheap in Athens, Georgia, as in most cities of the same size. It is not difficult to find the apartments relatively close to the university, where you can spend between $ 250-600 per month. There are many reasonable apartments, two more bedrooms in the $ 350 monthly range. It offers Georgian students a wide selection of universities in Georgia.

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