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An important skill for college students – notebooks

The learning process differs from student to learner; use different strategies to capture the essence of the presentation or the subject. Among the strategies used by students, notebooks can be considered very effective. What is this technique and what is the benefit for students?

What is the annotation?

The note refers to highlighting and marking comments on the side of the article

What is the purpose of the note?

If you highlight all the important material and literally speak your own words, you only need to read one chapter. Further measurements are wasteful. When the exam time has come, you only have to examine what has been extracted, which is important: the emphasis and marginal comments.

What is the first step in the note?

Read the title and one or two paragraphs to get the essence of the authors. Why did you write this article? If you know the authors' goals, it's easier to find the main ideas and important details.

How much is worth highlighting?

The general rule is to highlight 25-30% of the page. If you highlight more, it's often too much, unless it's a very detailed scientific article. If you raise less, you probably leave important ideas.

How do you highlight it?

Never show in full sentences – this is "coloring". You have to pick up the word "telegram" – as if you were paying for the word. Selective forces think when they are highlighted, while dreaming occurs when they "slip on lines".

What is the mark in the margin?

words. You probably have to read a few paragraphs several times before you understand it. If you can translate the idea of ​​the authors, you know that you understand. When the exam time, you simply study the highlighted and marked material. Of course, keep in mind that you have important comments in your notes as well.

How do you know if your mark is okay?

You can check the highlight when reading it. While sounding loud, you need to understand a comprehensible story for someone who did not read. If it does not make sense, you did not approve the correct words.

How do you study the comments?

• Put the facts on flash cards. LIST, PHRASES – Do not use sentences. The notes can be easily memorized using the mnemonic word tricks.

Notebooking is one of the most important learning skills at the university. Although you need to read something longer, if you comment, you first did a hard job. If an exam is signed up and other students are encrypted to read the chapters again, you should simply review the comments.

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