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Advantages and disadvantages of the live city center

Some people say that the city center is the best place to live. One can easily access all the amenities of life. Additionally, city centers are places where you can find all business, education, official and commercial activities centers. The time of commuting is not similar to those living in suburbs. However, there are also great disadvantages of staying in the city center. The following lines offer great comparisons in this regard.


The biggest advantage in the city center is that all business, commerce and education offices are easily accessible. City centers are designed to become the focus of any commercial, official or educational area. Most universities and dormitories are located in the city center, and students in suburbs must move a long way to reach the apple mats. Likewise, professionals should use public or private transport to reach the city center. Monthly rates for public transport, despite the discounts, are quite expensive these days.

On the contrary, people in the city center are not obligated to pay shipping costs. In most cases, the famous buildings, business centers and universities are just a short walk away. There is no expenditure on shipping costs and wasted time during the journey. In addition, you can save money on eating expenses as you simply can not afford to return to lunch breaks. People in the suburbs are unfortunate in this regard. They need to have lunch from the push car or restaurants, and this is a big expense, even if prices are affordable. Monthly spending on meals is enough to have a large share of your monthly budget.


There are also many disadvantages in the city center. First of all, there is no point in private life as the city center is active until late at night. Second, rent a house on the sky high in the city center. Everyone wants to live there, and homeowners take full advantage of this phenomenon. Another disadvantage in life in the city center is the lack of suburban activities in the suburbs and the lack of neighborhood attitudes. There are hardly any parks and open spaces where you can breathe fresh air. In most cases, the environment is contaminated because thousands of cars are collected by roads and alleyways. Likewise, the proportion of trees and shrubs is much smaller than a typical green belt and suburbs without pollution.

There is also a lack of community feeling in the city center as people continue to take their own affairs and pay no attention to their neighbors and friends. Another downside life in the city center is the higher price of commodities. Compared to the suburbs, which are usually located near the market of farmers; urban centers are narrow places with high rents. Stores often give this high price to their customers.

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