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Advantages and disadvantages of iPods at school

It is no news that iPods are quite the case and are literally found everywhere. But is it right to use it in the classroom? (Teachers sigh everywhere and despise their heads.)

Obviously, students rely more (if not completely) on licensing iPods to school, while most teachers clearly prohibit them. Let's see how you think about it and gain insight into whether your children should be delivered to school


a. Teachers are disturbed that students are too confused and unable to listen to them when they are in the classroom.

b. Students can download pornography or inappropriate media and send them to school where other students may be involved.

c. IPods can be used as a fraud tool. Some teachers have heard students who can use formulas similar to mathematical exams.

d. IPods can be the target of theft.

e. Some teachers are concerned that students are separated and anti-social. Instead of tuning into other people, they leave them alone.

f. Students can get so immersed in listening to music that they can fully control what is going on around them and cause unnecessary damage.

g. Students may play too loud and damage their hearing.


a. Students find that listening to music reassures them and will be better at school.

b. Students need to do something when there is downtime in school; or by bus to school or school. (Maybe watch a movie or educational video )?

c. Students can show their individuality with the music they listen to.

d. Students do not agree that they will be anti-social; in fact, they think it's a good way to get in touch with their peers, sharing their music with them (because there are two headphones with a friend.)

e. IPods can be listened to when performing lectures and reviewing exams. This is also beneficial if the teacher speaks too fast; just rewind and listen again.

f. There are educational podcasts that students can tune in to help them learn.

g. Students can install educational applications such as dictionaries, bible and calculators to eliminate the added amount of backpacks / cabinets.

h. Audio lessons can be heard in front of the class so students can spend more time working in the classroom.

i. It may be more useful for teachers (who teach the same teaching over and over again) to record and podcast the lesson. So they won't miss the important points of their topic.

j. Fixed lessons can be shared with missing students.

k. Podcast watches are much more accurate than notes overview

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