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Adult students of traditional college students – what is the difference?

Nowadays, many adults return to college as non-traditional students either by completing a degree when it has begun, but never completed, or by acquiring advanced degrees for a better career future. There are differences with these adult learners, which make them unique to other traditional college students. To understand what a successful adult student is, we need to understand what adult education is and what makes adult learners differ from traditional college students.

Adult students tend to be over the years 18 to 22 years of age and have to go to work. They return to college for various reasons. As they have many years of work experience, adult students support the breadth and depth of life experiences about group discussion and participation in projects. Conversely, traditional college students rely more on reading textbooks to provide exemplary and point-of-sight in class discussion and project presentation.

Average adult learners are older than traditional college students and have a wealth of life experience; adult students are usually selected as a team leader when a group project is formed. But because of their older age and for a long time they leave the school, adult students are afraid to share their minds openly, fearing how they are judged and fearing their answers may be wrong. That's why some people usually take up the classroom until they have their say.

Traditional and traditional university students are often using intensive use of computers and the Internet, but this enhanced technology can be a new concept for adult learners, especially adult students who work in a field that has less impact on the computer or the computer Internet. This may take some time to learn basic computer functions and computer applications, such as word processing and web browsing, which are common to traditional college students as they have been studying in high schools. However, adult learners will be able to learn things that are related to life experiences faster than young college students.

Generally speaking, adult learners have a better time management skills because they need to spend time on their work and studies while doing family responsibilities. Moreover, many are very motivated students because they want to know how their dormitory experience can be applied in reality in practice. As traditional college students put more emphasis on their study, as many young people are young and do not have family responsibilities and responsibilities as adults, they will spend more time on their studies.


Adult learners are unique to traditional college students. If you are an adult student who returns to the dormitory to graduate, you need to understand what needs to be a successful adult student.

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