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A brief history of Nursing Education

When people think about the history of nursing, many people think of Florence Nightingale immediately. However, care continues to go further. In fact, the XVIII. In a century, a slave named James Derham freely bought the money he earned as a nurse. No one knew that nursing education could be achieved in a different way than through a practical training. But today there are many ways to learn and learn more about nursing. These are great examples of online nursing education and nursing further education.

However, it took a lot of time for these nursing programs. They are descendants of the first nursing program that was formed in London in the 1850s. Japan's first nursing institution was founded in 1885 and will be followed by the first blackmailing institute in the United States next year. The nursing area is rapidly growing with the influence of individuals such as Florence Nightingale and Claray Barton, who founded the Red Cross.

At the end of the 1800s, a nursing thought was founded by Lillian Wald and taught home nursing classes. The American Nurses Association held its first meeting, and the issues discussed further helped nurture nursing. In 1901, New Zealand regulated nurses nationwide, then in 1901, followed by other countries in the world following the claim.

The first nursing educated in the US based on education-based hospitals in 1923 at Yale University. The Yale School of Nursing had its own curriculum and the students had to comply with the university's educational level in order to obtain a degree. This really determines the future of education and since then universities have developed special nursing programs throughout the country. Then, in the 1950s, the University of Columbia recommended nursing masters and it was the first university. This has really changed the nursing environment and has enabled continuous nursing and nursing care to your chosen profession.

Now more than 80 years later a nursing education is available at universities, through online courses, education. Nurses who want to become a nursing partner can do this on their schedule and take advantage of all the possibilities of a wonderful profession. There are many options available in online nursing education, and prospective nurses must actually compare all programs to ensure that they are studying at the best online university and are as much as they learn about nursing as much as possible.

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