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6 ways to improve the special education for every child with special needs!

Are you an autistic or other handicapped child who has been disappointed by the special educational system? More than six million students with disabilities receive special education services in federal-funded special education programs. This is 9% of the country's school population. This is a lot of children who are dependent on the IDEA for People with Disabilities to help them get the services they need to be able to live a full life. As any parent of a disabled child knows that a special education system requires a great deal of improvement. This article discusses 6 ways to develop a special education system.

Need to Develop a Special Education System:

1. More available parental training and more resources for training! Parenting is available, but in most cases it is a cost that prevents the parents from participating. Parents need to understand their rights within IDEA to effectively support their children

. Improve IDEA implementation, including retention of funds from states and districts, who are not always in compliance! Implementing IDEA basically does not exist. It is the responsibility of federal governments to enforce the IDEA for states and the state's responsibility to enforce IDEA local schools. Nobody is very interested in this area. Unplanned funds will not work. In my experience, many states will not lose IDEA's funding before major positive changes come about

. Better Diagnosis of Disabilities and a Lighter Eligibility Process! Many children with disabilities in the United States say that they do not have a disability and therefore do not have access to special educational services. This reality violates disabled children and can destroy their lives forever! Parents often do not know they disagree with the school's opinion. The eligibility process must be child-friendly!

4th Special educational staff must establish their realistic expectations for every disabled child! Since the beginning, the congress has said that the expectations of school districts for children with disabilities are too low. School staff and parents need to make sure that children can live effectively in education and living if they are properly trained and will maintain high standards

. Focus on the outcome of special education that all children are ready for postgraduate learning and independent living. 55% of children with disabilities came from secondary schools between 2005 and 2006, compared with just over 70% of children with disabilities in high school. This limits the ability of children to go to college or get a job affecting the rest of their lives.

6th Improving IDEA's federal funding! According to current estimates, the federal government only pays 17% on special education costs. The federal government has to invest its money where the mouth is, and the IDEA is fully funded!

Every parent can take part in improving systemic special education. Inform the state and federal representatives and see how they are willing to participate in this process. Children with disabilities deserve to be properly trained and have a full life!

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