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4-year colleges vs technical schools: the choice

The college is not for everyone, but that does not mean that there is no need for any higher education or work training. If you think about your future, what do you think? Are you doing something you like, or are you just working on pay?

If you are one of those who try to decide where to spend your money and invest in the future, read on. This article contains a comparison of four-year colleges and engineering schools.

How to choose between four-year colleges and engineering schools:

Ask yourself these questions and then consider the benefits and disadvantages of each school type

What are your Goals? Do you have a specific career career? What are your educational goals? Want to learn more about different topics? Would you like to learn as much as you can about a particular subject (become an expert)?

What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Would you be part of a shorter, more targeted program?

Diet. How does school fit into your life? Can you enjoy non-conventional scheduling, such as online, evening or distance learning? Four-year colleges and technical colleges both offer these options but change at school, so check in the schools where they are interested.

What do you need? Really what kind of education or training do you need to continue your dreams? Scroll to the desired area – know what requirements and how they resemble the planned programs. The US Department of Education's website provides a source for career and training research

Become a consumer. Control equipment; new and up to date? How can it be compared to work equipment? Trust me, this can be tedious but very important. After graduating, I realized that I needed more time to research computer programs that my employers expected from me to know technical writing. If I knew better, I could have taken separate courses with the programs in question.

Examine the following: campus size, current and former students, faculty and staff;

Find out if the school is accredited and licensed; Are extraordinary claims made?

Four-year dormitories

Some people like to learn for learning, while some focus on schooling, and school is the forerunner of workplace development. If you want more academic activities, a traditional four-year college may be your best choice.

Advantages: Humanities training covers a number of areas on various topics that reveal prestige, "college life"

Disadvantages: expensive, time consuming, acquiring an area where you no longer want to continue your work, high schooling standards and prerequisites, the labor market may be slower after graduation – requires further training

Technical Schools

If a college exists for everyone, technical schools do not exist. There are some who feel that technical schools are stigmatizing. In a society where, based on participation in college, we lose the value of skill formation. People feel abnormal and angry if they do not want to go to university, but they feel they are putting pressure on it.
Benefits: Less Time, Targeted Programs, Easier Admission Standards, Flexible Scheduling, 4-year Colleges Exercise

Disadvantages: Considered Less Rich, Costly, Less Space for Exploring Other Items, ,

o Fast and Growing Workplaces do not require bachelor's degree but require secondary education (high school education) These are:

o Medical Assistants

o Social and Human Assistants

o Home o Physical Therapist Assistants

o Physical Therapist Assistants

o Fitness Trainers and Aerobic Instructors

o Veterinary Technicians and Technicians [19659018] o Hazardous Substances (19659017) o Occupational Therapists

o Dentists

o Personal and Household Caregivers

o Self-Development Teachers

o Occupational Therapists Assistants

o Environmental Science and Defense Technicians , including health care

o Nursery teachers except special education

o Respiratory Therapies

For more information on job growth statistics, see the Labor Statistics Office

. Note that the best way to to find out what's right for you to simply know yourself and keep it informed.

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