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10 ways to make your school a green campus

Universities in the country are doing their best to become green campuses. With the "Reduction, Recycling and Recycling" campaign, using naturally fuel-based buses as an environmentally-friendly campus is not only "on" but also smart.

There are many things that universities have done, but there are also elements that individual students can do to have a green university campaign to live up to and support eco-lifestyle. Here are 10 eco-friendly ideas for dorm rooms, apartments and campus life in general, making the campus an environmentally friendly campus

1. Recycle everything, especially paper!

A paper by a college student goes through the semester crazy; notepads, scrap copies, terminology papers, student magazines, graphs and images printed together with countless other random elements. We know that these things can not be avoided, but how you handle all the paper can really help you create a better green campus. Look for waste collection tanks, pubs, restaurants and classrooms.

2nd Use the printer wisely

Teachers generally do not mind reading papers that are printed on both sides of a paper. This is a great way to save paper. To keep the ink level, use items that do not have to be too beautiful or just text. Finally, consider what you are printing. If you can show the webpage on the screen, do so. You do not have to print it.

3rd Restrictions on the use of disposable glasses and discs

Whether you are in a dormitory or in a first university home, there is a huge temptation to buy disposable cups and disks. However, this is not only bad for the environment, but also bad for students' finances. Buy cheaper plastic sheets and glasses; A package usually contains four sets, usually enough for a roommate. Wash them by hand or throw them into the dishwasher, if any (and do not forget to run the washing machine only when it is full of water.)

4. Determine the use of paper towels

We do not say to eat cleaner, but we tell you not to overdo it. Usually there are plenty of fast food stores and take out college students, which means a lot of naps get stuck in the way out. Determine the amount you grab.

5th Use compact fluorescent lamps

This is a lot of advice for college students who pay their own electrical bill. These bulbs may be a bit more expensive than usual, but they reduce their energy input, last longer and ultimately save money. This is good for dorms too. The lamp light is much more comfortable and environmentally efficient than the dormitory lighting.

6th Walk, bicycle and limit the use of your car

Most universities, especially those who try to be an environmentally friendly campus, have very good public transport. Moreover, almost every university is at walking distance. Walking or cycling will not only help the Green University of the University but also help to avoid the newcomer (or second-year or junior). 15.

7. Green shopping

Buy recycled products as much as possible. Paper, detergents and water are products that can be purchased as a recycled product. They are a bit more expensive than normal products, but it is worth making green theater.

8th Use rechargeable binders instead of notebooks

This is an easy way to rescue waste. Whenever a semester is completed, you can record, cut and save, then use the binder for the next semester. If you really want to take another step to make your college greener, use your laptop to take notes in the classroom.

ninth Take an aqueous bottle

This not only saves the environment by reducing the amount of plastic waste in the campus, but also helps in hydration and metabolism. The water bottle can be refilled after any water pump and can easily be boiled in the class or bike.

10th Wear used clothing

Generally, you think you have to do something else to save money, this is good for the environment! Recycling of clothing minimizes the use of resources for clothing and the problem of global sweatshops.

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