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10 things that are bad in education

Below is a list of ten educational areas that need improvement. Personally, I am against the system, but I hope that if these ten areas are dealt with thoroughly, schools really are worthwhile.


"Why I Need to Know …"

When students are fundamentally motivated to learn a new subject, the information will be spotted. On the other hand, if students are not motivated to learn to keep the brick. Most schools / teachers do not offer and provide a valid reason for learning to learn. They tend to distribute information systematically rather than rhetorically or without reason.


This test sets you the future success of …

Tests or exams are unable to measure individual's intelligence. The only thing that a test test is a person is able to test. SAT probably indicates how good a person is at college. When I first bought the SATs, I did not receive more than 1,000 points, and four years later I got a full scholarship at the Georgia Tech Postgraduate School. Go to the number …


Me: What does F mean?

Teacher: This means you're a mistake.

Ratings do nothing but labeling teachers into categories (such as smart, average, silent, slow). Of course, the only way for a student to rank through testing is, and as I mentioned earlier, a test or exam can not measure the individual's intelligence. Grades are also used as a control form. For example, did a teacher ever hear a saying: "If Johnny does not" behave, "then he will be a letter certified. In this example Johnny can not be Johnny, he can not express himself as he wants. The more obedient the child the better the quality

You're stupid because you did not honor

Students compete with each other in the highest grades and teachers encourage this competition, with the praise of others to condemn others to condemned children with a stupid, stupid, or slow label and this tag will follow them for the rest of their lives unless they consciously strive to improve self-esteem.This competition raises some excellent students and a mass of average students, which grows with few "experts" and a set of retards All children but if we do not allow all children to know this early, they will never know r Ia.

bad teachers

The class rules.

Parents of children 8 hours, made from 6 a day, seven days a week for 12 years for child, hoping that teachers encourage children to learn. In reality, the primary importance of teachers is to introduce rules and restrictions for students to keep it in the classroom. Just think of how many times you've heard the teachers say, "You can not do it", "It's not time for this now", "You too [young, old, dumb, smart, small, big, etc]." I do not say that every teacher is bad, but many limit the potential of the child, regardless of whether or not they know it.

Not good enough teachers

Why did not you finish your assignment?

Me: I was waiting to finish John so I can ask questions. ] [bell rings]

Teacher: Save Your Question for Tomorrow

Me: Er … Okay.

Most state schools have 1 teacher per 30 students. This teacher is extremely difficult for 30 different students. As a result, many learners are lagging behind the lessons, without the teachers noticing it. The proportion of teachers increases for a student. In prisons, the proportion of detainees is 1: 6 on average. Why not a similar rate for schools?


I can not wait until I'm out of school to get a job.

Most education systems focus on learners to get work done and become dependent on income. The focus of schools should be to show students how to think and ask good questions to get to know the world around them.

Damn, I'll have to borrow another before I kick out

You can get your first 12-year school for free, but higher learning will be avoided and is a gamble . The average cost of a public university is 13,000 per year and 30,000 to a private university. The average graduate is 5.7 years at university. Thus, the average person spend between 74,100 and 171,000 on a college education. The average person does not have this type of money, so the only way to get credit. It appears that the dormitory system has been built up to hold certain people or hold debt to .

You are too young to be in this class

since the youngest of the four have allowed me to observe and learn my brothers before I started school. I can honestly say that I learned a lot from them early in life. Proven to be one of the best ways to learn to observe and then do it. In schools, students are divided into different classes, so younger children can not learn from the older ones. If you are in a recruiting class, the only person who has your teacher to instruct. The problem is that there are too many bad teachers and not good enough as I mentioned before.


I do not see any course I want to be in the catalog

Students are limited to the topics they want to learn. You rarely decide what you want to learn. Even at university when choosing the curriculum, you must do the necessary courses even if you have nothing to do with what is in your best interests. Some people say, "It's a good thing to get around," and I say this bull. Would I be a "round" person if I did not know how to evaluate and integrate in the calculus?

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