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10 largest universities in the United Kingdom (by population)

Listed below are the top ten universities in Great Britain based on the student population. These rankings come from the most up-to-date 2007-2008 statistics published by the United Kingdom Higher Education Statistical Office

. Open University – 181,695

According to the population, the top ten list of the top British universities is the Open University or the OU, with a population of 181,695. One of the most important features of the Open Immigration Policy is that it does not take into account the previous qualifications of most students applying for university courses

. Leeds Metropolitan University – 41,215

With 41,215 residents, the Leeds Metropolitan University is ranked second in the list of UK universities. This institution gained its university degree in 1992 and has 2 universities in Leeds and West Yorkshire. The University has recently won the award for "outstanding contributions to the local community" at the annual Higher Education Supplement annual awards ceremony

. Manchester University – 37,360

The third-place audience of 37,360 students is Manchester University, Manchester's "Red Brick" civilian university. As a member of the Russell Group of major research intensive universities, it was founded in 2004. This N8 is a member of research collaboration. Students at Manchester University have 500 study programs and have over 10,000 staff members.

4. Manchester Metropolitan University – 33,155

Manchester Metropolitan University – MMU is a university in Northwest England that has a central campus and is headquartered in Manchester. MMU is listed on the list of the third largest British universities with 33,155 residents and has some outbuildings in Cheshire

. Leeds University – 32,250

Fifth on the list of top 10 British universities at the University of Leeds, also referred to as Leeds University. This "red brick" facility is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire and has 32,250 residents in the student body.

6. Nottingham University – 31,830

The University of Nottingham has 31,830 people in sixth place in the UK's top ten universities. It is a public research institute located in Nottingham. The University is also located at other international universities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and in China, Ningbo

. University of West Anglia, Bristol – 31,700

West of England University – WWE is seventh with 31,700 student bodies. This university is located in Bristol, in the capital of France. Other facilities include the St. Mátyás, the Creative Arts School and the smaller campus of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

8. Central Lancashire University – 31,245

Central Lancashire University – UCLan has a population of 31,245, ranked eighth in the list of UK universities. This institute of higher education was founded in Preston, Lancashire, and was founded in 1828. UCLan is the best modern university in Northwest England.

9. Sheffield Hallam University – 31,090

Sheffield Hallam University is ranked ninth in the largest list of universities with a population of 31,090. This facility is located in South Yorkshire, Sheffield, two locations

10. Northumbria University – 30,470

Northumbria University, with a population of 30,470, is listed on the list of the largest universities in the United Kingdom. This higher education institution is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England


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